Who is vividmargin?

Hi. I’m Nikky, and you have found vividmargin, my graphic and layout design firm.

I believe in good design. Not pretty design, not impressive design. Good. Useful. Functional. Intuitive. Elegant in its perfection.

I believe details matter. Yes, it makes a difference how you fold your brochure. Yes, it makes a difference what kind of paper you use. Yes, it makes a difference whether that apostrophe is 3 pixels higher or lower.

I believe design exists to serve people. It is not an end to itself. A design shouldn’t be about the cool new technology or my own ability to use the extended capabilities of Photoshop. Design should make your life better. This belief is part of the reason I am taking a break from studying Interior Design, a field with so much potential, which seems to be squandering it chasing after fashion and chicness.

I believe that design is fundamental to the way people feel, think, and behave. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Communication, so I could even show you the research that proves this belief. Everything around you and everything you interact with has been designed, and who you are is being shaped by each wall, each chair, each piece of paper, each computer screen, each shopping line.

I believe in friends and family and love. I also believe our personal lives blend into our professional lives whether we want them to or not, so I’m happy to tell you about mine. I grew up in Florida, in a little town called Palm Bay, as part of a wonderful church community. My husband, Adam, runs Social Bootstrap, a thought leadership marketing firm. I now belong to an incredible church family in Quincy, MA, full of dear friends: Taylor Williams (check out his photography!), Meghan Plott and her dog Morgan (she’ll send your kids ‘real’ mail!), Chris Guin (computer programmer and musical writer extraordinaire!), and many others (you all need to get websites!).

Thanks for stopping by. Please contact me if you have a suggestion, a question, or think I could help you!



Nikky Wood