Sam Adams Beer Glass

Beer. Not generally something people associate with design at all, let alone good design (as I’ve said before, everything is designed, consciously or not, for good or bad—but that still doesn’t mean people think about the designer of their beer can).


I have to say, the special Sam Adams beer glass should be admired, not just in the realm of beer but in all of product design. It really is quite incredible—someone actually took the time to figure out how to give their customers the best possible experience of their product!

First, they pinned down a list of things that are really important about Boston Lager, and then they designed a glass that emphasizes those exact qualities: the angle of the rim dumps the beer on a particular area of your tongue, where you taste sweetness; the rounded part below that concentrates and releases aroma of the hops; the thickness of the walls keeps beer at a particular temperature longer; the etching in the bottom provides continual bubbling.

Yes, it’s a marketing tactic. Absolutely. That’s part of company life. But hey, at least this angle tries to add value for people who actually enjoy beer. They really designed something here, where previously no one would have thought twice about drinking from a regular old cylindrical mug.

What could happen if more companies considered how to enhance user experience? In some cases, I’d be happy if the company considered the user at all

I don’t drink beer myself, but people who do tell me this glass actually makes a difference. Imagine—Design. Making a difference. Incredible.


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