Thoughts on a name

Why “vividmargin”? Well, in trying to settle on a name I made a long list of ideas, attributes, things, and descriptors that I think of in connection to design—specifically, graphic and interior design. On my page were dynamic, genuine, form, deliberate, template, accessible, interaction, structure, ignite, and many others. At one point I was captured by the word kerning—a technical term for the space between letters—as something that might symbolize my approach to design (focusing on details that most people don’t notice but which nonetheless have a significant impact on one’s experience; thinking about the space between elements on page, between people). The meaning of the word, however, is not the only important element of a name. It should roll off the tongue, people should know how to spell it, and it should incorporate familiar words to help people remember it. So, I started putting words together—relevant frame, defensible form—that had meaning to me and might be able to represent my firm.

I landed on margin as the thing, the noun, that my firm is about. The margin stands between the content and the edge, instilling a certain level of comfort and safety where there would otherwise be chaos (imagine how you would feel if the text ran off the side of every page in that novel you’re reading). The margin gives your eyes a place to rest. The margin provides boundaries to give something form; it is the necessary negative space for the positive element to be effective.

Of course, I didn’t want just any kind of margin. There are bad margins, and bad design. In the broadest sense, everything is designed, whether a conscious decision was made or not. I believe in and aim for conscientious, thoughtful design, striving not to let “the way it’s done” make decisions for me. For a design to be vivid, someone had to make a deliberate choice—it doesn’t have to be colorful or even all that interesting, but vivid doesn’t happen by accident. I respect design that captures your attention, makes a statement, is bold, or maybe even sparks someone’s passion.


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